We all wear different dresses, made by various designers and production companies, but sometimes we tend to care less about what we wear, how we look, what it says about us and many more answerable questions. Lingerie packing is very important, probably you are preparing for a picnic, an holiday, and occasion, a long trip, honeymoon and maybe an office business trip.

While packing your things in preparation for your journey most importantly you lingerie there various and diverse things and tips to consider.

Here I would be giving us 10 tips I think we surely need in packing lingerie.

  • Most people especially women believes that they can pack their things anyhow, but that is not so when it comes to packing lingerie the number one to do is to get a fabric bag that gives room and passage for air to blow in so your lingerie won’t look wrinkled. You can also make use of the fabric bag at homes but it is more suitable for the gentle.


  • In case you cannot afford or was not able to get the fabric bag, always try and pack your lingerie in a kind of clothes with good materials.


  • Tissue paper is also very important, while preparing for your journey or trip always be aware and prepared to go with tissue papers, because they assist and helps to fill out the bustier and bra most especially when folded as extra slips.


  • Be careful of how you arrange your lingerie in your bag, because sometimes the zippers of the bag can be dangerous, the lingerie is very flexible and made from material like nets, lace, and other stretchy material so it can easily be caught up the zip so you really need to mind how they are arranged.


  • Liquid can be very dangerous, while packing your lingerie you must be aware that they are not packed together with bottles of liquid because this liquids are made from various chemical that can totally damage the lingerie, either by changing it color or reducing it quality.


  • Be careful of metallic and iron equipments, while arranging make sure your lingerie package or box is nowhere near anything with iron, because definitely during the journey the lingerie can shift and change position and easily get caught by metallic things around and this can damage your lingerie and render it useless.


  • Be aware of the climate conditions of your destination, the weather condition of where you are going is important cause apart from it affecting your lingerie packing it will also affect the packing of your clothes. The human body is very sensitive and easily gets affected so to avoid any negative effect you must be well informed about the happenings of your destination.


  • While packing your lingerie you must be aware that there are various lingerie in town and around, so you must be informed about what to get, how to get it, your fashion sense is important because it gives you tips about what to pack.


  • The lingerie vary in styles and design so while packing you must be conscious of what you are packing not to pack the wrong combinations of lingerie, probably when you are packing in preparation for n occasion or event you must be ready to pack a set of lingerie that goes in line with your outer garment so you won’t look odd and awful.


  • When packing lingerie maybe for a picnic, holiday or any trip your look has a lot to say about you so you must pack lingerie sets you know would perfectly compensate you look and not be in contrast with it, the lingerie that perfectly fits a dark skinned woman might not fit a light skin, and also your sizes, shapes, colors and taste are much more different so you should be aware of what suits your own body.


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