When it comes to bra wearing we all want to go for the fancy ones and lovely fabrics even when we know they are not for us, they don’t suit us maybe, shape and we don’t feel comfortable in them but maybe your league of friends are getting or using some things like that and you don’t want to be left out. As a woman there are signs you need to take note of to know if you are wearing the right or wrong bra, cause wearing a wrong bra is dangerous  and can even reflect on your health life.

There are various designs and types of bras we have the underwire, push-up, tube, stick-on, net, minimize, full coverage, sports. Women use different bras that match their different outfits. The bra can be used to accentuate the beauty of your figure and assets and the dress you are wearing.

Here are 5 signs you should take note of to know if you are wearing the right or wrong bra


Do you know there are tissues in the breast that needs the free flow of oxygen, so when you begin to wear tight fitted bras that can tear the tissues of the lymph as a result of no access to oxygen and also reduce blood circulation this leads to breast pains and this can cause you to begin to feel some back pains because it will add unnecessary pressure to your back. Wearing a bra that does not compliment your breast is not advisable and you must take note.


When your bra strap is too tight and probably too tinny for the size of breast you are using it to carry this can lead to shoulder, neck pain or even both. It is very advisable for ladies with big breast to look for bra with big and broad strap to prevent unfriendly pressure on the neck, shoulder and back.

Your bra must be well fitted to avoid and ease pains in the shoulder and neck.


Everything with a positive has a negative and vice-versa, while the tight bra can lead to breast, a loose bra can as well spoil the shape and size of your breast. A tight bra would cause restrictions to the flow of blood in your body, and also a wearing a loose bra can let your muscles go weak. So to maintain good breast shape and figure, a fitted bra is needed.


I know most people wont believe this but indigestion is surely one of the sign that you are wearing the wrong bra, when you wear a very tight bra it begins to create problems in your body like the ribs for example. This does a lot of damage for the body even though we always fail to take note or notice


A wrong bra does not just cause breast pain but it can as well cause breast cancer, the flow of oxygen and money is also very essential here. As a woman you must be careful of the type of fabric material you buy anywhere the rate of chemically affected bra is now very common around you and these gives and assist blood cancer

On a more general note women happen to receive and invite more attention than the male counterparts so it is very important for you to be careful in what you and be sensitive to warning signs whenever you see one, because the bra is one of the undergarments that serves as a foundation where you can build other wears so you must be careful of how or what you use to build that foundation so it wont affect your main building.

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