Women vary in their sizes and shapes, so there are various designs and styles of lingerie that would suit the sizes and shapes of various women no matter the size or shape.

For women with plus-size they usually have problem with choosing lingerie, it sometimes can take them a whole day just to shop for lingerie size that would fit them. And since the large women also want to look sexy and wear lingerie and clothing’s that are worn by the slimmer set/women, it is not actually a sin or a crime to also want to look good like every other woman. The voluptuous women can also wear and look sexy, comfortable and with high confidence esteem about themselves, most importantly the plus-size lingerie is not just for women with big body but also for women with small body and maybe very big boobs, busts and maybe very tall.

The earlier centuries the lingerie was considered as suitable for women of some particular body size and shape, this made it very hard for women with bigger body size to get a set of lingerie that would suit their size, structure and shape. But now here we are in the modern world with more modern fashion designers and companies have come on board to solve that problem and now there are wider ranges of lingerie collections for whatever body size you may have.

According to research a higher percentage of women don’t wear lingerie that suit their body size and shape.

Here are the 20 different plus size lingerie set



Although i might to be able to talk on all the lingerie sets listed above, but I would try and give you an all around information about them the short pajama bottoms they possess some drawstring along the waist and this allows extra room for the hips, women with not too tall height are free to buy the ones with elastic to avoid and prevent it from falling.


The bustier and chemises can be gotten in wide range of designs and styles with varieties of color and very sensual fabrics. The bustier and also the corset are both unique in their way and aids comfort with it stretchy materials and fabrics that helps mold your body like you can ever imagine and to cap it all it red and black combo gives you a perfect sexy look that cause a perfect invitation of love. While the lacy and silky robes can easily slip under your outer clothes and it gives you a sense of sexiness knowing full well there is a silk under your clothe.

The teddies helps to give you push up in the needed places and at the same time hide and tuck in places you want to keep hidden from view, a plus-size sexy lingerie we surely make you feel like you have finally arrived just like any slim or trim lady, it can spice up your evening by adding the needed sauce.

Finally in shopping for any plus-size body the size is very important, although most of them are now made with and designed with lacy and stretchy fabrics but never the less your comfort is essential and must be put into proper consideration. Your lingerie should serve the right purpose and not endanger your life most importantly your health life, never try to force it on yourself by minding your size because it can cause a break in the flow and distribution of oxygen and also leave you with scars and bruises.


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Buying a set of lingerie seems like an easy task for everybody, but it can sometimes be very awkward, frustrating and disappointing. Especially when after buying it you found out that you made the wrong choice and got it totally wrong this is not only disappointing, but also very annoying when probably you got the lingerie for your woman getting it wrong will surely not be the best thing cause it would be a minus on your side not to get her a lingerie that suit her perfectly.

So we have decided to help you out with some tips and guidelines to buying lingerie



Before going on any shopping at all you must first consider your budget(what you have in your purse or in your account) this will help you to know if you can afford the right quality, styles, designs and types of a suitable taste. Buying lingerie can sometimes be very tough especially when you have a tight budget plan, although there are certainly other ways you can get it done. Just go for a quality that suits your pocket and more importantly suits your body and shape.



This is one of the most important part when it comes to getting a lingerie, because size has a lot to say about the person wearing a particular outfits. The wrong size would surely not be comfortable and would even affect your outer appearance/outfits, so when shopping for lingerie the best thing to do is to take note of your size or be bold enough to ask for help, but probably it is a surprise and you can get the measurement just try to ask for help.



Buying the right lingerie, you must be aware of the various styles, types and designs that are available in the market or around you. There are different styles like see through bras, push-ups, padded e.t.c. you must also take note of the style that suits you fashion sense.



Though this sounds simple but it is also very important when it comes to buying lingerie, as individuals we all have various colors we like, love and also dislike, there are also colors for the various kind of mood you might want to set, so you must get a color that matches your skin color and also whatever you might be wear above it so the colors won’t contradict each other and look kind of weird.



This is the most unknown tips we should all be aware of, our skins are different so they tend to be affected easily by whatever we use, every lingerie material won’t suit your skin even if it does to your friend’s skin so you must be aware of whatever material that fit your skin before choosing any lingerie.



This may be the best option for anyone when it comes to buying lingerie either male or female, because it gives you the freedom to choose whatever you want without care of being seen or stressed. You can choose any style, designs, colors, and sizes available in the comfort of your room without any intrusion on your privacy.



This may look unnecessary, but it is also very important because there is different lingerie for different mood and occasions. There are just any lingerie you can just wear every day and anytime and there are some that are more suitable for the sensual mood, to set the tune of the moment, spice up your bedroom life and ignite the needed fire.

Lastly you must also be aware of your environment, the climate conditions of wherever you are situated,  this would really help in getting the right lingerie.




Buying lingerie as gift can be such a pin in the ass; you begin to think of various questions like

What color? Where to start from? The differences? And many more questions.

So here are some guides I think would help when it comes to gifting lingerie and things you should be aware of.

Firstly you must think of things like the QUALITY, STYLE, SIZE, MATURITY, AND PRICE.


In everything we do or buy the quality is very important, this means before you just pick up any lingerie as gift you must be careful to get the perfect quality because this has a lot to do with how such gift would be accepted by your woman, she accept it but within her she might feel insulted and this will go a long way to reflect on your relationship. And also it not compulsory it must be expensive and extravagant but let it be of quality.


When buying lingerie as gift you must surely be aware of the style of your woman, things like her best color, and also go through her former lingerie sets if she happens to have and you are lucky to locate them this will serve as a hint for you to know what to look for when you go shopping, you must also consider and put in mind her own sense of style.


You must also put in my mind the size and this is very essential, be free and polite to ask her though it will no longer be a surprise, but because if you get the size wrong no matter her body size or shape it won’t fit and may look horrible, the best to do is just go through her things secretly and check for yourself. To add to the sauce of the surprise you can get other materials to compensate the lingerie materials like (oils, attractive candles, and things like stockings)


This look unnecessary but it very important with the state of things and the present economic recession hitting various countries and other economic sectors, before planning to get a lingerie you must consider your pocket and probably prepare ahead, and quality comes to play cause this means you can only get what you can afford and only the wealthy and rich can get the expensive lingerie.


This is also very important you must get a lingerie gift that suit the maturity level of whoever you are getting it for, because whatever we wear also grows along with our age and this combines both the size, design and style. Because there is a huge difference between the childhood and adulthood, a child would love to wear things with a her favorite cartoon characters like Disney and others. but she grows more older things like that no longer attract and even if they still do she would want to change them to as to look matured and be able to reckon with girls of her age level, she would want to attract boys with her body shape and size.

Finally you must be careful and be aware of where you are going to get your lingerie, maybe the shop or seller has a good reputation with previous customers, you can do this by enquiring from people around, from those who might have directed you to the seller, know their impressions, you can even ask them to show you the lingerie materials they bought from the shop or seller to be sure you are using your money for something that is worth it. You can also make findings about who or where the seller or shop gets their supplies from maybe it is legal and to be on the safer side knowing you are not probably buy a stolen material cause this give you the boldness and confidence to flaunt whatever you are getting with your money without any fear in mind.


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To determine this there are different meanings and view on what the word sexy means, this is because we view things from different angles to some sexy means when you are sex appealing or attractive and to some it just means when you look beautiful linking this with the lingerie which underwear, undergarments that women wear. When we say something is sexy try to create an image of anything you saw and wow you were blown sexual then that is sexy but let’s try to explain more. Draw a picture of different ladies wearing different things some are just wearing a casual dress while some are wearing a cooperate dress something like a suit, shirt and all, some are dressed up for an occasion and some in some sets of lingerie (thong, teddy, panties, a half-cut bra) put them in front of a guy and tell him he is going to have sex with any of the lady he picks who do you think he will pick am very sure he would gladly pick one of the ladies in lingerie because they are sex appealing, wont waste too much of his time and would set the tune for enjoyment easily.

The lingerie is not just any underwear but something that brings out and accentuate the assets of any lady especially when properly selected.

The first set of ladies were also looking very sexy, beautiful and maybe attractive with plenty of mystery underneath but guys want the excitement, the second and third set were also looking gorgeous and appealing but they probably losing that sauce the tone was missing but the third set had it all enough skin to make everybody looking their direction and the covered part to make you long for something more to want the mystery behind that.

This shows the lingerie is the perfect way to get your relationship, marriage, and love life back on track, just get the right lingerie at the right moment, the lingerie helps to create that sexy atmosphere, to add the ginger needed, set the tone for the moment, the mystery, excitement and enjoyment needed.

At the night clubs the lingerie can make any guy spend his entire earning just because of what he sees the hip pants with the thong and half-cut bra oh yeah. Guys can’t wait to enjoy that moment.

When you want your man to be sexual attracted to you just get into the lingerie and he wont be able to resist you one second, the lingerie is always sexy as usual, don’t think like some who thinks it is just to take their clothes off when the comes when you can already be enjoying the real deal without waste of time, just use the lingerie and set the tone of the moment make your man fantasize and run home for more everyday

A sexy lingerie is becoming one of those things that makes being a girl a thing of joy and fun, but ladies also need to understand lingerie is not just about seducing, and attracting your men, it is also an intimate apparel not only for the bedroom.

All you need to do is just understand the real meaning of the lingerie that it means your bras, panties, underwears, and what reveal your shape and things like that should be given a number one importance cause it something very close to your skin even the closest.

The lingerie is the root, the beginning which other outfits follow so if you want to look sexy, attractive and beautiful it starts from your understanding of the lingerie and how sexy you can use it to bring out your waist shape, your big breast and even your knowledge of the lingerie set the mood for how you walk because this is determined by the type of panties you wear.



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There are different days in our lives, days we always love to remember for good your birthdays, the day we entered high school, but in the list of days the wedding day seems to be the happiest and memorable day.

Wedding day is that day you would anticipate, even dream about especially after meeting that woman or man of your dream, then you can no longer wait to live in his house, he also cannot wait to have you as his own forever.

Sound heart breaking that most weddings that many people thought would be a success end up hit the rock, they could not control it, they could not understand each other, the man started misbehaving or the wife started acting strange, they could no longer cope and finally break the I do oath.

Your wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life, a day when you remember after years to come you feel fulfilled and begin to thank God for giving you the rib of your rib, for making you both one and not two.

For already married men and women have you ever remembered your wedding or wedding night and begin to ask yourself some questions like, where did we get it wrong? Where did I miss the track? Who started the mistake first? And other questions like that.

What happens on your wedding day goes a very long way beyond your wedding day, so it is very important for you to get it right so the pain of getting it wrong won’t hurt you for life and cause a scar in your heart.

There is no big deal if you begin to feel anxious on your wedding day like why are the people not or some funny thinking like wow.. Did I know people this much, or probably before the wedding day you must be thinking how many people are we inviting? How much do we need? How we our invitation card look like? What would be the color code for that day? Lots and lots of questions will surely spring up.

In everything we do in life proper preparation is very essential and can’t be boycotted, the same with your wedding day for that day to be that memorable day you would remember and smile with a big grin, proper preparation is the best, prepare ahead of any unseen happenings, break every dangerous company you feel can spoil that happy day of yours.

Weddings are one of those days when you and your lover bring people together to celebrate with you, how we you feel when you have a million of eyes on you both people you know and people you don’t know, people who loves you and people who don’t and even your ex who is solemnly praying in his or her heart that it does not go well, so this is the reason why you should be prepared physically, financially, mentally, emotionally and also very important be prepared spiritually…very funny right but it is also part of the preparation. Be prepared for anything.

There are some important guidelines you can follow in making the day a total delight.


Marriage on its own is surely a serious experience so why complicate things by entering it with loads of debt, people will surely come and celebrate with you, but only give what you can afford because it is you and your spouse that we face the consequence.


Many people prepare for their wedding, something like a competition with their friends and at the end they would themselves dance to the tune of doing so.


Many singles run into marriages and run out because they were not yet prepared for it mentally, financially, physically, and emotionally. They were not yet ready to stop doing some things or start doing some things like taking responsibilities for some things, this is very essential wait until you know you are prepared not because you are getting old and you younger ones are getting married you have your own life and they do have theirs.

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