This sounds funny but there are not just 10 annoying things about bra you can have as many as possible. One common thing is change so you breast size will one way or the other reduce either it increases or it decreases, your best bra today would have to be disposed or rendered useless tomorrow no matter how beautiful it is. Sometimes your best bra can be some else’s worst bra, but there are some annoying things you need to know about the bra. The bra is gradually become one of the most intriguing instrument for modesty, though higher number of women don’t know that most bra sometimes disrupt the shape of their breast and also having some ill effect on their body as a whole.

Here we will be taking a look at 10 annoying things you should know about the bra


This is one of the most annoying and embarrassing thing about bra, that no matter how hard you try to tight it will surely find a way to lose and slide down your shoulder, this is very annoying when you now have to tighten over and over again like that is not enough sometimes you are too busy to notice and a co-worker will now have to tell you your bra straps has fallen.


As there would surely be change in the size of your breast either it increases or decreases will surely affect your bra, this will just change without you noticing the change until it is late, they lose the right composition and shape. This is not only annoying but also makes you spend money when you never expected because you would to get back into shape.


Your breast can suddenly begin to sag due to your bra affecting some tissue in your breast, and a saggy breast won’t make you look any sexy, for instance when you compare a lady who does not use bra regularly and a lady who does there would be difference in their breast most especially their nipples and this is very good a breast feeding mother so the baby can suck the breast easily.


When you use a bra there is this part of your muscles that is packed with your breast kind of suspended muscles and this can lead to saggy breast.


Your appearance really matters cause it speaks a lot about you, and because change is very constant, and when there is change in the body there would surely be change in your breast, the bra in this sense assists in weakened the skin surrounding those areas.


Though this sound or look like a way for you to get rid of bra with straps and it problems, but it also comes with some problems liking rubbing against the skin and this might result in your skin changing color to red.


According to research it is said that when women give freedom to their breast not always packing it with bra, because you use something tight it becomes tighter whenever you try to breath.


This very odd but very common, your see some ladies looking perfectly OK and well dressed but the color of their bra does not correlate with the color of their cloth for example you wear a red bra and also a white shirt there is no way your bra won’t be seen even under a well covered cloth cause the color contrast each other.


Due to tightness of your bra you may interrupt the proper flow and circulation of things like blood and water, for instance when you wear bra for a long period your upper stomach and also the rib begin to get shortage of the needed things.


The bra sometimes leave pain in your body, and continuous use of the bra would make those scorching pain permanent on your skin, like hot water is being poured on your skin.



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When it comes to looking sexy and erotic the lingerie is surely the perfect instrument to get, just get the style, design and color that suits your personality and also that of your man. The perfect lingerie would surely make your man go wild and naughty, with a memory that he would never forget easily, a sexy lingerie would surely get your relationship back on track and spice up your bedroom experience making it more enjoyable and lasting

Everybody should be aware of the right lingerie when it comes to looking sexy and sizzling hot, here I would be exposing us to some sexy lingerie we should be aware of.




Sleepwear comes in various styles and designs and women especially should be aware of this, the sexy sleepwear exposes more of the body, they accentuate the assets, and shorter, it also comes in various colors this makes it sexier



When it comes to lingerie the bra constitute approximately 50% of it, the bra was mainly designed to assist the bust and but the sexy bra expose more of the cleavage with bras like push-ups, strapless and they are with different materials and fabrics.



Mostly we all feel undergarment body suits are supposed to be very sexy, though covering the woman all over yet the fabric used are revealing and allows passage for light, body stockings now looks sexier and are made out of net materials with open spaces.

The teddies another form of undergarment wore by women that covers just some parts of the body like the torso, teddies are also designed to be revealing (buttocks)

To sure of the styles of different lingerie is just that the sexier ones are body revealing unlike the day to day lingerie



The panties may not really look like the best thing on earth but when you see a lady who wears the right lingerie then it can be the next to the best thing on earth because panties is an essential equipment when it comes to seducing your partner, and it also boost your confidence.

The sexy panties provide something of the same interest with the women’s panties, but it just differs in some little areas like the pronounced colors, the fabrics and some sensual beautifications. The brief and other old panties give total coverage to the modest women, the g-strings and thongs are more revealing the assets. Due to civilization the g-strings and other have over shadowed the brief panty because even the smaller generations want to use the thongs because they claim they look more confident and calm in it.

.There are more panties like the hips panties, boy shorts, and lots more but while looking for sexier panties go for ones that can easily draw your partner’s attention, panties with lace work, see through.



The camisole is one of the most erotic additions to any women’s collection of wear and they vary a lot, they can be worn as undergarment to help keep you warm and can also be worn alone. The camisole does not come alone but with a to match panties may either be thongs, briefs and it can be short, women sometimes wear the camisole as shirt. And because of it versatility they are worn as nigh wears by women because they can be very comfortable and help reduce the heat. The camisole can also turn on the heat in your bedroom; hope you understand what I mean. To cap it all apart from it being very comfortable the camisole is also very affordable.


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Most women have be fed with the wrong notion about lingerie wearing that they are meant for a particular sets of people or probably that wearing the lingerie is not important or essential, but that is definitely a lie the lingerie is such an important part of every woman’s wardrobe.

The lingerie is an important part of every woman’s attire that shows how important and very essential it is. The lingerie helps to improve, aid, support, assist , promote and also boost perfect figure, accentuation of assets, to feel good, comfortable, appealing to the eyes, and also healthy. They are not only functional but very sexy to behold, most especially when you get your shopping and selections right by getting the lingerie that suit your size, shape, color, and style it help to contribute to a total state of well-being, the perfect size and shape help the outer garment to take the right position and form and with daily improvement in it designs where we now have the g-strings, camisoles, corsets, bikinis, stockings, teddies and lot more.

Wearing the lingerie is also essential when it comes to improving your figure, it sharpens your sensual sense,  and the color, fabrics, size and design also contribute a lot to the sexiness of the body wearing it,.

So whenever you go shopping for sets of lingerie be aware that it not just about any lingerie, but also about the outcome when you wear it, if it would help achieve your reasons and motives behind wearing them, what it can do for your life, where it can lead you, and how it can lead you.

Wearing the lingerie is most especially important in every relationship when it comes to your bedroom experience, some relationships and marriages have lost that spark and the bedroom life is just there looking pale and dull like some 80s set of panties or bra worn by our grannies, the right tool to ignite that fire is the lingerie, it can set the mood and tune for a memorable night with your man that he would not forget in a hurry, and would make him come for more and fantasize over and over again.

How essential the lingerie is cannot be measured because the most important part of every relationship is the bedroom life and once the fire is dead then that relationship is heading for the rock and definitely off track so all you need to get it back on track is some sets of perfect and alluring lingerie then you would have the feeling of the just wedded couples who are crazy about each other, then you can say your man is save from the snares of ladies outside because you give him the total satisfaction of what he needs.

The lingerie wearing can also help boost your confidence and morale, most ladies go out every day with the wrong believe that they can never attract any man, probably because they have little or no confidence about themselves and how they look but with the perfect lingerie you can turn that around when you know you are putting on a sexy undergarment even when it is out of view but it help bring out the hidden beauty in you and you can now walk, talk and relate with confidence, you can now approach any man with no guilt of losing out.

Finally we must all know that wearing the lingerie is not just about sex, seducing your man or for the bedroom wear alone but there are also sets of lingerie you can wear outside, sometimes you are home alone and you want to get some chores done and at same time need to wear something comfortable then the lingerie can serve that purpose because it gives you the freedom needed to go about your chores.

                                           15 CHEAP LINGERIE SETS FOR WOMEN

The lingerie has gained various grounds and levels in the fashion world with almost a daily introduction of new and revised version, styles and designs. But with all this there are still some wrong beliefs and vogue notions coming out like people saying the lingerie is too expensive, it is too this and that, some even dislike it because they believe they were not made for them.

Here I would be talking and opening our eyes to 15 lingerie sets that you can easily access and afford with your little budget plan.


Little did we know that as there are different bra sizes, designs, styles and designers, so they also differ in prices definitely there are very costly bra set that are only affordable for the rich and wealthy, but not minding that there are also bra sets that are affordable and accessible to all and sundry.


The thongs is a family of the lingerie sets that most people know little or nothing about, it’s an underwear that fit perfectly the hips leaving or exposing some parts. The thongs are sexy, suitable, comfortable and above all very affordable. Just look in the right place and you would definitely get the thong that match and fits your budget.


The camisole is also an important part of the lingerie family, they are underwear that can help keep the woman warm and calm, and also among the family of lingerie the camisole happens to be the most erotic and this makes it more sought after the lingerie shopping market so they are very affordable and easily accessible to women.


This type of lingerie set is like the various suspenders we wear almost every day and everywhere, mostly for dinner and while going to our offices. All you need to do is just go shopping and you would definitely find the right one for your status and pocket.


Sleep wears seems very unnecessary but that is not so because your bedroom is the best place for you to look sexy and erotic, and also the sleep wears are also very affordable for any women from any league.


The can be very friendly as it name implies, they help to give the body push-ups in the parts needed and at the same time they hide and tuck in some negative parts that needs to be kept hidden. They are part of the lingerie family that is easily affordable.


The corsets are those set of lingerie that we use to create or maintain a specific and particular shape, they help to keep a slim or trim body or create one with different size or structure and they can also be accessed and used by any woman who desires and needs it use.


This may look odd, but it is also a part of lingerie sets and they can be very affordable, they are things you can prepare your money and buy without headache of minding the price because there were some that fit the money in your purse.


This is a lingerie set that falls within the pant family, and to every lady after the bra the panties is the next most important, the g-string like a twin brother, a relation to the thong because they are of the same family and this makes it very available for purchase not minding your status or position because they are hot cakes in the fashion world market.

We also have other lingerie outfits like the BODY SUITS, BRIEFS, BUSTIERS, CHEMISES, SHORTS AND PAJAMAS BOTTOM, PLUNGE BRA are also examples of lingerie that can be afforded and purchased at cheap prices coupled with the same functions as the costly one but might just be different in qualities and designers but they are all lingerie sets.

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This sound weird and funny, but your fashion can say a million words about you in a minute, and everything we put on our body reflects and is an indicator of who we are, of some things about and this includes a ladies panties, panties say a lot about who you are, your personality, and other things about you not only your panties though but all your under wears has a kind of chemistry with who you are. Talking about life generally the types of colors you like has a lot of meaning and definition of the type of person or individual you are.

What are your best colors, your best styles, some ladies love a matching style of dressing (the same color of bra, panties, and other clothes worn above it) and though most people who knows a lot about you won’t tell it to your face.

Here are some things your styles and color of panties say about you.



When a lady wears a black pant, that means she is classic, a little daring and also very safe. When you see a lady in black panties then she is ready for some sexual experience.



When a lady wears white panties it is simply saying she is pure like a sign of purity, she is youthful and bright. She is always ready and prepared for new experience to try new things, and there totally nothing wrong with that.



Red as a color on its own signifies love, so when you see a lady in red panties it simply means she is the bold and very romantic type, she must also be expensive and very sexually secure.



Blue means adventure which means any lady in blue panties is very adventurous, though the blue color has many families like sky blue, royal blue, electric blue, powder blue, but they all have their own way of creating a mood of fun. When you see her in electric blue panties then is feeling very young and vibrant, in a royal blue it means she is feeling royal and ready to rule and conquer. A lady with a drawer full of blue panties is surely wild and has some taste a perfect balance.



A lady wearing bikini style panties is simply telling you though she might not be a fashionable but she is also not unkempt or frumpy. She might probably be in a cotton bikini then she is honest and at the same time gentle.


She is the type that want people to know a lot about her, she is plain and must not be messed with, very ambitious, never give up, die hard lover, and very zealous.


Wow, she is just simple and don’t care what anybody says. She doesn’t give a crap.


Simply saying she loves comfort but also cares about looking sexy, she wants to look comfortable in whatever she wears and at the same time keep the sexy look intact.


She loves to be free, she does not have to be dressed up always not while at home want to get into something she would be free inside with no guilt of looking like a porn star. She is not expensive, supportive, but not time cautious and can lose track of time easily.


A good memory of things, listens to the radio a lot and know every latest hit in town, might be old but still has the energy of her 20s, fake annoyance toward things she secretly enjoys and love.


They are panties your granny might have worn, not very fashionable, can’t trade her comfort for anything not even style.


She was definitely born in the mid 19s and really loves everything vintage.


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