This sound weird and funny, but your fashion can say a million words about you in a minute, and everything we put on our body reflects and is an indicator of who we are, of some things about and this includes a ladies panties, panties say a lot about who you are, your personality, and other things about you not only your panties though but all your under wears has a kind of chemistry with who you are. Talking about life generally the types of colors you like has a lot of meaning and definition of the type of person or individual you are.

What are your best colors, your best styles, some ladies love a matching style of dressing (the same color of bra, panties, and other clothes worn above it) and though most people who knows a lot about you won’t tell it to your face.

Here are some things your styles and color of panties say about you.



When a lady wears a black pant, that means she is classic, a little daring and also very safe. When you see a lady in black panties then she is ready for some sexual experience.



When a lady wears white panties it is simply saying she is pure like a sign of purity, she is youthful and bright. She is always ready and prepared for new experience to try new things, and there totally nothing wrong with that.



Red as a color on its own signifies love, so when you see a lady in red panties it simply means she is the bold and very romantic type, she must also be expensive and very sexually secure.



Blue means adventure which means any lady in blue panties is very adventurous, though the blue color has many families like sky blue, royal blue, electric blue, powder blue, but they all have their own way of creating a mood of fun. When you see her in electric blue panties then is feeling very young and vibrant, in a royal blue it means she is feeling royal and ready to rule and conquer. A lady with a drawer full of blue panties is surely wild and has some taste a perfect balance.



A lady wearing bikini style panties is simply telling you though she might not be a fashionable but she is also not unkempt or frumpy. She might probably be in a cotton bikini then she is honest and at the same time gentle.


She is the type that want people to know a lot about her, she is plain and must not be messed with, very ambitious, never give up, die hard lover, and very zealous.


Wow, she is just simple and don’t care what anybody says. She doesn’t give a crap.


Simply saying she loves comfort but also cares about looking sexy, she wants to look comfortable in whatever she wears and at the same time keep the sexy look intact.


She loves to be free, she does not have to be dressed up always not while at home want to get into something she would be free inside with no guilt of looking like a porn star. She is not expensive, supportive, but not time cautious and can lose track of time easily.


A good memory of things, listens to the radio a lot and know every latest hit in town, might be old but still has the energy of her 20s, fake annoyance toward things she secretly enjoys and love.


They are panties your granny might have worn, not very fashionable, can’t trade her comfort for anything not even style.


She was definitely born in the mid 19s and really loves everything vintage.