There are various styles of sexy lingerie, but you should be able to identify a sexy lingerie from just any common or regular lingerie.

Most time women miss it by wearing any regular or sexier lingerie just any how every day but there are situations and occasions where the sexy lingerie is needed, places where more revealing lingerie are required and would be more befitting.

In this article I would like to tell us and explain to us the different types of lingerie we have and the ones we should know.


There a lot of sleepwear all around for women, to compliment the normal shirts or gown ladies often prefer to go for their men’s t-shirt, shorts or boxers. The sexy sleepwear though totally different from every other evening dress because it exposes more of the woman’s body, they also look sexier, shorter, see through and have more different colors


Of every lingerie material the bra has 50% of the sale outs, the brassiere generally was manufactured to support the bust, breast though there have being various innovations to make it more comfortable and a coverage for the bust.

The Sexy bras may look to give support but function did not come to play during the designing, flat and rigid bra gives little or no support but they are listed among best selling sexy bra, another type of bra is the push-up though more sensual cause it makes the cleavage more revealing by lifting the breasts. There are other sexy bras like the strapless bra that reveal more of the shoulder, the plunge bra show more cleavage, and the bra with no back this reveals the back more above all the sexy bras just show more of the shoulders, cleavage and busts plus the back, this is achieved through fabrics like see through materials and cottons or the designs.


Mostly we all feel undergarment body suits are supposed to be very sexy, though covering the woman all over yet the fabric used are revealing and allows passage for light, body stockings now looks sexier and are made out of net materials with open spaces.

The teddies another form of undergarment wore by women that covers just some parts of the body like the torso, teddies are also designed to be revealing (buttocks)

To sure of the styles of different lingerie is just that the sexier ones are body revealing unlike the day to day lingerie


The panties though may not be the best thing on earth but when a woman wears the right lingerie then it can be the next to the best thing on earth because the panties mainly is an essential equipment when it comes to seducing your partner, it can increase and help your confidence a lot.

The sexy panties provide something of the same interest with the woman’s panties, but it just differs in some little areas like the pronounced colors, the fabrics and some sensual beautifications. The brief and other old panties give total coverage to the modest women, the g-strings and thongs are more revealing the assets. Due to civilization the g-strings and others have over shadowed the brief panties because even the smaller generations want to use the thongs because they claim they look more confident and calm in it.

We all know some big and large panties that cover everywhere, the non-attractive and old panties made from cotton though it also has its own purpose of standing between the clothing and the body, it is now termed not sexy.

There are more panties like the hips panties, boy shorts, and lots more but while looking for sexier panties go for ones that can easily draw your partners attention, panties with lace work, see through.



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