We all claim to know a lot about the lingerie, but little did we know that there are more to lingerie that just the size, designs, shapes and styles.

Here are some lingerie set we should know

In the market presently we have 6 different categories of lingerie and no matter your size, shape or taste you would surely get a lingerie that suits your lifestyles we have the;


THE SPORTY              

Sporty lingerie serves a important reason especially for women who love their sport life and at the same time love to look sexy, the sporty lingerie is to help maintain and combine both your sport life and sexy life without overlooking any, we have designers like the popular company PRADA.



The elegant lingerie helps you to look sexy, it assist your sensuality and at the same time it makes you look normal.



The natural lingerie set is all about comfort, quality and something simple. They are functional and less obvious.



The bridal lingerie is most especially made for that special day, that most important day every women waits for all her life, the bridal lingerie is that wear that set the right tune for your wedding night. The bridal lingerie is more about sensuality and style oriented and comfort is not really an issue, you can pick bridal lingerie from any designer.



The sexy lingerie happens to have the highest and widest range of of collections with various styles, here we have lingerie like the THONGS, G-STRINGS, CORSETS, TEDDY, BODY STOCKINGS, GARTERS and lots more. But also we can have a combination of various sets, like the thongs that can be elegant and also sporty, and they can be made by any designer company, the corset can also be sexy and very elegant, but above all they all serves the same purpose in one way or the other which is looking sexy.

Also six categories of lingerie in the market the sporty, elegant natural, designer, sexy and occasional or bridal lingerie, they can all be found in one and also function and stand in each other’s position the natural can function as sexy, the sporty can be natural, but when it comes to shopping and selecting you must have a wide and proper knowledge of all the six categories join together.

Although sometimes your environment determines the types of lingerie that would be made available for you some lingerie companies are just national, but the good thing is that most companies are now becoming global and you can choose from any designer of your choice.

Finally most women believe the lingerie is meant for a particular set of people, women with slender and slim shapes, with big boobs and buttocks, sometimes maybe for the rich, queens and princess and maybe for just the influential women but whereas the sexy lingerie is for everyone and every woman either young or old, dark or light, slim or big we all have a sexy lingerie that suit every one whatever might be your styles or taste. Just go out there and look for a style that fits you, your shape, size, the occasion you want to use it for, the climate condition and most importantly your body.

No matter what there is this particular sexy set of lingerie that would definitely make and bring out the perfect you that has being hidden within.


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