If you think you know everything about the sexy lingerie then I bet you are wrong, most people feel the lingerie is all about looking sexy, hot and maybe seductive. But there are lots of secrets about the sexy lingerie that most people don’t know.

These things we definitely surprise, the origin of the lingerie itself and lots more.


Could you ever believe the corsets were made from the bone of whales, though most women don’t really like the corsets while some really do, but the truth be told the corset can be very sexy and assist in keeping everything in shape but sincerely if care is not taken a lady in a corset can suddenly collapse.

The corset is made with some boning and ribbing like soft and flexible material, but in the 19s it was mainly fabricated and designed with whale bone and this made the whale very popular, though the styles in designs have changed with modernization and inventions from various designers who have populated the market.


Most people use this but do you know how it came to existence or when it was designed? Though we have various designs and types of cup bras in the market, but the first cup bra came into existence in the year 1935 and it was designed and introduced by Warner’s.


Have you ever being to Italy or have you ever seen an Italian woman in a sexy lingerie, though very funny the general believe in Italy is that to bring good lick especially on the new year’s eve the best thing and most especially the color of lingerie to wear is a red color lingerie. The Italians are such a passionate people who seriously believe their superstitions.


Do you the best way to set the mood of your bedroom and add some sauce and creativity is wear g-string panties, the g-string panties happen to be more sexually creative. Women in g-string are more bold ready to speak their mind and with lots of confidence.


Have you ever noticed that strippers and club dancers prefer to rock their thong panties; it was thought that exotic dancers were hiding too many assets so the thong was used as an answer to that.


Sound absurd but do you know science is related to the lingerie especially the bra the breast is a perfect example of science notions like the one of Newton’s law that says what goes up must surely come down, before the creation of the bra several studies were made and experts found that the consists of little or no bones just some fat and lobes. So this helped in the invention of the bra to avoid the notion that what goes up must come down, though it will surely come down maybe after three to four kids and you fail to maintain the shape…smiles.


Do you know the Greeks were the inventors of bras and they called it “APODESME” the Greeks were the first to notice the importance of supporting the women’s breast. But because the Greeks sometimes went into something like extinction/obliterated so also were their inventions but boom and by 1300 the bra made it come back. Do you know the word lingerie was first formed in the year 1922; it has surely reshaped the women’s culture.


The popular football game once had women playing football tackle in lingerie, that sounds funny and weird right, some women love to be in shape, keep their sport life and at the same time look sexy doing some morning run and some push-ups with no disturbance from the boobs and it was LISA LINDAHL who created and came about this idea after her sister complained about her breast disturbing her sporting exercises.