The lingerie is no longer a stranger in the fashion world especially with our women; they all want to look good, sexy, comfortable and sizzling hot if not for anyone, for their man. But firstly we must all know what the word intimate means and how it relates to lingerie and to the wearing of lingerie, the word intimate means something very closely acquainted, something you are very familiar with, sometimes it can also mean a sexual relationship, personal or private depending on the context of words surrounding it.

So when it is time to get intimate, then you need to check out the lingerie because they are the perfect equipment for that. Actually it is not just about wearing or getting intimate with lingerie, you must also be aware of what you wear, why you wear them, if they fit you or not, how to shop for them, the various designs and sets in town, and also you must know what is trending in the fashion world. Most times we get confused with what we see and hear on TV and end up using that as a scale for what we see in reality which is not supposed to be so.

A real man loves her woman, every inch of her curve, her assets, and everything about her, they love what they see and they love it when you give them that special treat.

I would like to list out some lingerie sets around us.




Panties does not tend to look like the most important thing on earth, but when you see a lady in the perfect lingerie then it can be next to the best thing on earth because the lingerie on it own is such important tool in your bedroom when it comes to you and your partner and your personal confidence.

The sexy lingerie panties can be in different designs and styles we have the g-strings, thongs, which are the two main designs.

The thongs on it own can be very active and important providing the lady with things like

  • It gives nice shape.
  • Aids your comfort.
  • Boost your confidence
  • Raise your sex appeal

There are more panties like the hips panties, boy shorts, and lots more but while looking for sexier panties go for ones that can easily draw your partner’s attention, panties with lace work, see through.



The bra commands 50% of women lingerie wear, though it was mainly designed as assistance to the bust and it exposes more of the cleavage like push-ups, strapless.



Among all lingerie the camisole happens to be the most erotic additions to any lady’s lingerie collection and they are also have their own varieties. And because of it versatility they are worn as nigh wears by women because they can be very comfortable and help reduce the heat. The camisole can also turn on the heat in your bedroom; hope you understand what I mean. To cap it all apart from it being very comfortable the camisole is also very affordable and friendly.



We all expect the body suits to always be sexy, with revealing fabrics even though it covers a larger area of the woman’s body it still gives room to the passage of light. Body stockings on the other hand also look sexy and are also made with nets. Also the teddies which are also another version of undergarment worn by just want to cover a specific part of the body.