What we wear says a lot about who we are, so a lady wearing sexy lingerie can be defined in various ways. And it is no longer a hidden affair that women loves wearing lingerie and men are spoiled by the experience of seeing their woman in it, the appropriate lingerie would surely make a woman feel sexy and hot not minding what she wears outside cause she knows what she wears inside and how she looks and this gives her confidence.

Centuries have come and passed and we have seen various lingerie  come and go with the tides of times for example the corsets were so much trending and in vogue let’s say something like about 60 years ago and ladies won’t mind getting themselves into one just to create and bring out the figure, accentuate the assets. Women with very small waist were something to desire around the 20th century there about because of this most girls would do anything to get it right some parents even started wearing corsets for their female kids to keep the waist small but the saddening part was that it was very unhealthy, uncomfortable to mention few.

But in our generation it is very different women now wear lingerie because of how it looks and feels on them and also the confidence it brings, it is used to improve maybe cover some flaws bring out the positive and hide the negative. Like wearing push-ups or padded bra wore by women with small chests and also used to bring out more cleavage, and control panties wore by women to flatten their stomach and buttocks.

Also, for single ladies wearing lingerie is not just used to attract or arouse a spouse or mate, wearing lingerie is just a perfect confidence booster and builder when you look at yourself in the mirror what do you see a girl that would surely be desired by her man or what? Looking for your own man and the lingerie can help with that cause your confidence we surely draw his attention.

Most workaholic women also wear the lingerie to give them the sense and feeling that they are still females because they are used to wearing too serious and cooperate dresses the lingerie can be used as a reminder of who they are.

As men they like seeing their women in the lingerie because it gives them the belief that you always want to look sexy and sizzling hot for them. And for every lady next time you go shopping for a lingerie don’t start thinking about the look of the lingerie but firstly think about your own look when you wear it, how it makes you feel inside, if you are just wearing for wearing sake or really enjoying it.

Don’t just see a lingerie in a movie, on your friend, in a picture and just decide you are getting it, it might not suit you cause our personalities are totally different, and most women can never think of themselves looking sexy not even in a lingerie so what is the fuse of wearing it all about cause no amount of lingerie would ever make you sexy.

Do you feel sensual when you wear the lingerie or just normal, find the power needed in the way you dress and feel like you are a Hollywood princess and you don’t have to go bankrupt all in the name of wearing the lingerie just get the quality, the size and styles that suits your, that you enjoy wearing.

Finally, maybe your man is already slipping away from your grip, probably because he has these girls that gives him the joy of his bedtime better than you don’t just give up get yourself some pairs of lingerie and give your man a shock for the century, something that would surprise him for sure.



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