There are different days in our lives, days we always love to remember for good your birthdays, the day we entered high school, but in the list of days the wedding day seems to be the happiest and memorable day.

Wedding day is that day you would anticipate, even dream about especially after meeting that woman or man of your dream, then you can no longer wait to live in his house, he also cannot wait to have you as his own forever.

Sound heart breaking that most weddings that many people thought would be a success end up hit the rock, they could not control it, they could not understand each other, the man started misbehaving or the wife started acting strange, they could no longer cope and finally break the I do oath.

Your wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life, a day when you remember after years to come you feel fulfilled and begin to thank God for giving you the rib of your rib, for making you both one and not two.

For already married men and women have you ever remembered your wedding or wedding night and begin to ask yourself some questions like, where did we get it wrong? Where did I miss the track? Who started the mistake first? And other questions like that.

What happens on your wedding day goes a very long way beyond your wedding day, so it is very important for you to get it right so the pain of getting it wrong won’t hurt you for life and cause a scar in your heart.

There is no big deal if you begin to feel anxious on your wedding day like why are the people not or some funny thinking like wow.. Did I know people this much, or probably before the wedding day you must be thinking how many people are we inviting? How much do we need? How we our invitation card look like? What would be the color code for that day? Lots and lots of questions will surely spring up.

In everything we do in life proper preparation is very essential and can’t be boycotted, the same with your wedding day for that day to be that memorable day you would remember and smile with a big grin, proper preparation is the best, prepare ahead of any unseen happenings, break every dangerous company you feel can spoil that happy day of yours.

Weddings are one of those days when you and your lover bring people together to celebrate with you, how we you feel when you have a million of eyes on you both people you know and people you don’t know, people who loves you and people who don’t and even your ex who is solemnly praying in his or her heart that it does not go well, so this is the reason why you should be prepared physically, financially, mentally, emotionally and also very important be prepared spiritually…very funny right but it is also part of the preparation. Be prepared for anything.

There are some important guidelines you can follow in making the day a total delight.


Marriage on its own is surely a serious experience so why complicate things by entering it with loads of debt, people will surely come and celebrate with you, but only give what you can afford because it is you and your spouse that we face the consequence.


Many people prepare for their wedding, something like a competition with their friends and at the end they would themselves dance to the tune of doing so.


Many singles run into marriages and run out because they were not yet prepared for it mentally, financially, physically, and emotionally. They were not yet ready to stop doing some things or start doing some things like taking responsibilities for some things, this is very essential wait until you know you are prepared not because you are getting old and you younger ones are getting married you have your own life and they do have theirs.

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